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Bhakti Yoga or Yoga of Devotion

Human minds tend to have affection for things. You will not find a single human being who is not attached to something or the other.

Bhakti Yoga is based on this tendency of the human mind. Love and affection are the most fundamental features of the human personality.

This love gets distracted and spread in various directions, inasmuch as love is a predominant feature of the human mind.

Bhakti yoga is the spiritual methodology of converting human affection into a system of meditation. We can meditate through love. That is called Bhakti-yoga. Meditation is the goal.

In Bhakti Yoga, the features of the mind such as emotion or love are used as a medium for concentration of the mind through Japa, Kirtan, chanting, etc.

One method of developing a love of God as the Supreme Father is to listen to His glories. You go on hearing about His glories: “Oh how great, how glorious, how magnificent, how wonderful! God, You are everything.

The other method in Bhakti Yoga is practicing devotion by singing, dancing, chanting, etc. or through   mass prayers, we see it all the time in churches, temples, mosques, etc.

The highest form of Bhakti Yoga is self-surrender. “I do not exist at all; He is everything.” If God is everywhere, you are nowhere. You cannot be anywhere when He is everywhere. You are part of Him; you are merged with Him. This is the highest form of devotion. This is equal to wisdom, knowledge, realization itself.

This yogic path has great appeal for people who are emotional by nature.

In the 12th chapter of Srimad Bhagwad Gita, Sri Krishna says “ Those who, fixing their mind on Me, worship me, ever steadfast, and endowed with supreme faith, are the best in Yoga in My opinion.”

In Indian tradition, Meera Bai, Bhakta Prahlad are great examples of Bhakti (devotion) towards God.


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