Satyanarayan Jha

Satyanarayan Jha is the founder of Satya Yoga Ashram and an enthusiastic teacher of traditional hatha Yoga.

The word “Satya” means truth and “Narayan” is the name of one of the forms of God. Thus his name implies that he is one and the same as God.

At an early age, Satya moved to Rishikesh to pursue his life of Yoga. He discovered many opportunities to learn and grow into this vast field of knowledge. Satya came to know many of yoga disciplines such as ashtanga, vinyasa and hatha, but deep inside he had always been searching for the reality of life and its mysteries.

Apart from having a natural flair for  science of life and its mysteries, Satya has completed his YTTC 200 in Rishikesh to document his credentials in Yoga Teaching. has additionally, he has completed a Diploma in Yoga at Maharsi Mahesh Yogi Vedic University, M.P, India.

Furthermore as he grew into his knowledge and experience, he taught Yoga at many Yoga schools in Rishikesh. He still teaches in Rishikesh and his classes are loved by people from all age groups. In the year 2018, he got  to chance visit Europe where he conducted several Yoga Teaching workshops which brought to him international experience, acclaim and excellence. He is naturally gifted in Hatha Yoga and his experience is grwoing deeper in other branches of Yoga for his well- being as an individual and as a Yoga Teacher of decent strata.

“Yoga is a key which opens up the inner door, once the door is open you receive unlimited knowledge lying within you.”

Hari Om Tat Sat !


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