There lived a great saint centuries ago, who had many siddhi’s but he remained humble and was famous for his devotion, patience and forbearance.

Whatever came upon him even the worst, he duly accepted it as blessings from his lord and lived his life as celebration of truth.

One day a man from his own village with ill intentions made plans to test his perseverance and sat on a tree with garbage waiting for saint to finish his morning rituals of dipping and performing Sandhya vandana to take same usual route back home.

Unsuspecting sadhu walking back home came under the tree to heaps of garbage threw upon him, sadhu looked up, smiled and went back to river to bathe again. 

He came back second time and the man did same thing again sadhu smiled and went back as he did first time, this wicked man had set his mind on provoking the sadhu kept doing same thing again and again until he got tired at 108th time failing miserably to get reaction he desired. Finally, he come down to sadhu regret tingly and asked him whether he is not angry at him for doing what he did?

Sadhu smiled at him and said why will I be angry at you? 

Every day I used to bathe only once in the river but today with your grace I took 108 holy dips and all of this credit goes to you.

The man was listening this broke down and fell over sadhu’s feet and ask him to forgive. 

Please let us know what do you understand form this story?

Hari of Tat Sat


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