Jnana Yoga

About Jnana Yoga

Jnana Yoga or Yoga of knowledge :
Jnana yoga also known as Jnanamarga (Path of knowledge) or ( path of self realisation)
In the Bhagavadgita Sri Krishna explains to his disciple Arjuna “There is nothing more purifying than transcendent knowledge”.
One who is perfect in devotion realizes the understanding within himself in due course”.
Jnana Yoga is a spiritual practice that pursues knowledge with questions such as “who am I, what am I” among others. 
The mind is very much part of the world. The mind is the bondage.
to “Know yourself” is the ultimate goal and the purpose of a Jnana Yogi. To realize the own self through being free from the conditions of waking, dreaming  and deep sleeping, and obtaining Truth, knowledge and Absolute Bliss.
The practice of Jnana Yoga can help to discover the real nature of one’s Atama (pure consciousness). 

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