“Uninterrupted stream of the content of consciousness is Dhayana or Meditation”

Rishi Patanjali

Making the mind strong and one pointed is concentration or Dharana (Dharana is the sixth step in Patanjali Yoga sutra). The mind is troubling us, because it constantly thinks of different objects. In order to still the mind, Patanjali recommends that we should choose a particular object and focus the mind one pointedly on that. 

There are many objects for concentration. The yogic text recommends focusing on the space between the eyebrows.

Some ancient texts recommend that we focus on the breath and I, myself find focusing on the breath (Inhale and Exhale) to be helpful in practicing to concentrate the mind. Some people chant a mantra mentally in order to concentrate, for example So Ham, Om Bhagavate Vasudevaya Namah etc. Others visualize Om, a divine statue or symbol. 

Contently focusing on that particular object until that object become you, that will be the state of Dhayana or Mediation the unbroken connection between the you and object.

In Dharana, the consciousness becomes continuous so that there is no break or interruption due to any other thoughts, then gradually that dharana is replaced by Dhyana or concentration. Dhyana is uninterrupted flow of consciousness. 

Hari Om Tat Sat


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