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There are not enough words to describe how wonderful this experience was.  Not only did I learn so much from the traditional way of teaching Hatha Yoga but I also developed myself more into the richness of the Indian culture and my personal growth. I can say with all honesty that Satya is probably the best teacher you will ever meet. He teaches with passion and modesty. I admire that he can be both a professional teacher in class but outside the class, a good friend. I would recommend this academy to anyone who wants to broaden their knowledge into the richness of the yoga lifestyle and to get to know yourself better. It changed my life and this was only the beginning of my journey. I’m excited for the future!

Charlotte Mathieu


I spent a month in this high quality training course with more than complete content, a team always attentive and available to each of the students. It was a magical, overwhelming and very enriching experience. Satya shares her passion for yoga with us with so much love and kindness and of course with respect for Indian values. I can only recommend it 200% to you.

Charlotte Jt


Simply a magical, incredible and overwhelming experience.

An exceptional community life.

High quality, caring and passionate teachers and supervision. Attention for each student.

An exceptional Yoga teacher, who shares his knowledge with love and passion. He makes you discover “the real yoga”, in the respect of the values and ancestral Indian traditions.

He has an incredible pedagogy and rigor, which makes you want to learn again and again …. While having a big smile every day, he exudes the joy of life and love!

I 100% recommend this training, it will change your life!

Namaste 🙏

Julia Ausello


I have had an amazing experience with Satya Yoga Academy. And especially with Satyananda. Words are limited in describing the connection we have established. His knowledge grows far, his roots run deep and his smile is wide! No matter the challenges ahead, he keeps approaching everything with positivity. For this one must know wisdom and have found ways to challenge life the same as it does him. In Yoga he found his solace and guidance to share the love of which he has plenty!

One rarely finds beauty like this in people. Forever I am grateful to his teachings, the school, the beautiful souls it attracts and the love you receive. I would recommend a course with them to anyone. Very curious to see what the future will hold, and with the biggest enthusiasm I vouch for a wonderful experience with Satyananda and the academy!

With Love,



Satya is a great teacher! He teaches with passion and instructs in detail every asana pose so everyone can follow and understand. He personalizes the class and cares about his students and he always creates a positive atmosphere while teaching yoga.
Sandra Kappler


Satya is a great yoga teacher and if you want to experience proper traditional hatha yoga teachings, he is your guy. I totally recommend especially if you are searching for a deeper understanding of your practice.
Ana Ioana Olar


I spent a month with Satya and he is a very good teacher, passionate, and who takes time with the students with a touch of humor. I hope to see you again, thanks.
Nicolas Cvetkovic


Pleased with all I learned about yoga. I realized how much I didn’t know even though I started 18 years ago. Satya’s passion for Yoga makes him very knowledgeable and easy to learn from.
Luz LaBato


I have this great pleasure to write a few words about Satyanarayan: my student, friend, sympathiser and a great teacher. These words about him would be enough about his efficiency. He is a young, enthusiastic, hard-working, talented inspiring youth into the field of Yoga. He is a very good teacher with his keen interest into Hatha Yoga. He is my student, friend and a hope for future as one of the committed Yoga teacher who would live the life of Yogic discipline. In his very early age he chanced to move to Rishikesh where he underwent several levels of experiences which enriched his faculty of patience and perseverance. He found himself in search of some tools that could make him understand life and its purpose. The answer that came to him was Yoga. At Rishikesh, he could find many opportunities to learn and grow into this vast field of knowledge. True to his natural talent and ability he got mastery over many popular trends of so called Yoga today such as flow, power, Vinyasa but deep inside he has always been searching the reality of life and its mystery. In academic education Satyanarayan completed his B.A. (Bachelor in Arts) from Bundelkhand University, U.P., India. He completed his YTTC 200 from Rishikesh to document his credential for Yoga Teaching. Further he has recently completed his Diploma in Yoga from Maharsi Mahesh Yogi Vedic University, M.P, India. These are some of his academic records apart from his natural flair into the science of life and its mysteries. Satyanarayan met me in the year 2018. Since I met him, our communication and relationship have been strengthening and developing. He studies, learns, questions, wonders whenever he is in my presence. This is his interest into Yoga. His work in India as well as abroad is growing. I pray his future be brighter and he may continue to follow the path of light, wisdom, and liberation.
Rohit Kumar


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I followed the 200 hours Teacher Training led by Satya in France in May 2021, and it was a life-changing experience. I felt truly blessed and honored to learn with such an experienced, luminous and encouraging teacher. I can see how my practice has grown and been enriched by this experience, and I can’t wait to start spreading all the knowledge and wisdom Satya shared with us. The setting in which the training took place was magical and peaceful, and I got to meet an amazing group of people. I can only recommend choosing Satya Yoga Academy if you want to learn traditional Hatha Yoga or start your journey as a yoga teacher.



The training with Satya was an amazing human and sharing experience.
Learning about yoga and being a yoga teacher is way more that just practicing asana.
I am grateful about all my journey here, and blissful knowing this great teacher.
I leave the training as an happy human.

Lola Merlier


Satya teaches from the heart!!! That makes his classes so nice. They are authentic and traditional. The best teacher you can have!
Nice greetings from Germany!


Satya was the perfect yoga teacher for my time in Rishikesh. He is very dedicated to the underlying philosophy and does not just jump through Asanas but corrects the alignments of all the students throughout each class. He has a very humorous and humble personality and is very skilled to teach both advanced and beginner classes. Highly recommend this to every Yoga enthusiast.
Thomas mxmni


Satya is an amazing teacher! I really enjoyed both his Ashtanga and Hatha classes and would highly recommend it to all. He holds space beautifully and is super attentive to everyone in the room, I felt seen and supported throughout my practice. I look forward to attending your class again, thank you Satya!
Annabelle Dent

United Kingdom

Satya is an incredible teacher. He is so attentive on a personal level to the needs of his students and I couldn’t have asked for a better class! I told him that my hips were super tight and he literally catered the class to my needs, assisting me with new postures that I had never done before and making sure I felt safe. I felt amazing afterwards, light on my feet! He is professional and charismatic, always giving time to his students after the class for any questions they may have. I would highly recommend him and I cannot wait to return. Thank you Satya :)!!
Hannah Blackburn

United Kingdom

From the bottom of my heart I enjoyed every minute in his classes and also to assist with his workshops in Hungary. I met him in Rishikesh and later in Denmark and Hungary as well. He is not just a teacher but a friend also. He is very young and experienced at the same time, he is fun and wise, we can laugh till you cry and at yoga he gives you very detailed instructions to help your alignment and go deeper in the correct way in an asana and at the end of the class you leave with a story to think about 🙂
Szilvia Szakács


We took a short yoga course of 3 days with the amazing teacher satia!
From the beginning he was so professional with us, and teaching us the basic of yoga. Satia was patient, and showed us how to practice at home alone.
It’s been 3 days and we feel much more stronger with our body.
Thank you satia you are the best.
Youval Ben Shimbol



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