“Pranayama is the pause in the movement of Inhalation and exhalation, when that is secured” (Yoga sutra 2.49). 

The word ‘Pranayama’ is comprised of two words Prana and Ayama.

Prana means vital energy or life force. It is the force, which exists in all things. Ayama means expansion or extension of vital force.

The actual deeper practice of Pranayama begins, when retention is used, allowing the deeper inner transformation to come.

What is retention?

Inhalation and exhalation are methods of inducing retention, which is a pause between inhale and exhale.

Why is Pranayama important?

Pranayama corrects the breathing patterns and the breath itself can change the fluctuation of the mind. Without Prana, there is no movement in chitta (mind), therefore breath is essence for the mind.


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